Handcrafted Leather Books made in Vermont by Lindsey Julow


The Crafters


Bookbinder Lindsey Julow Lindsey Julow loves making handmade leather books.  She makes journals, sketchbooks, photo albums, wedding books and anything else she fancies.  She spends a lot of time handcrafting each one and believes in quality not quantity. She also does some restoration work if time allows.



Lindsey using bookbinders ploughShe has been a bookbinder and restorer since 2008 and keeps expanding in the craft, however there is always more to learn.





Arrow Maker

Shaun Varney is a very talented Vermont Artist and is lucky enough to be engaged to Lindsey. Shaun also works in Sound Design and has been the talent behind "Star Trek Insurrection", and "Star Trek Enterprise" to name a few. Also a very talented musician, Shaun has been in bands but likes to create music on his own as well. Menuit the Mediocre is an album that tells a story with it's songs, it's humorous and quite enjoyable. Shaun believes in quality products and work as much as I do.