Handcrafted Leather Books made in Vermont by Lindsey Julow


Contact Books for all Time

Books for all Time

Grand Isle, VT 05458

(802) 372-5537 (voicemail only)



Custom Order Policies and Things to Know

-Rush orders may have an additional fee

(any book that has a specific deadline may qualify depending on the amount of work I have already)


-If I have to cut pages to a specific size there will be an additional fee


-NO Returns on Personalized items


-No subcontracting please


-I will include insurance in the shipping costs


Printed Book information 

- Formatting your pages before they are sent to me is not only helpful but can save you money and make sure the document looks the way you want it to. 


Documents should be sent in word and pdf if possible.

(please contact me so we can decide on the book size you want and I can tell you what size page to set your document to)


-Largest book size I can make with text is approximately 12 1/2" by 9 1/2" 


-Very low end for a book is $175