Handcrafted Leather Books made in Vermont by Lindsey Julow


Frog Leather Journal

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This Leather Journal is One of a kind, handmade in Vermont by Lindsey Julow

My books are structurally sound and are meant to be used! They will look beautiful, and be functional, for hundreds of years. I have learned this skill from a classically trained book binder, that has been in the field for over 25 years.

The Frog Prince is designed from underneath and sculpted into the leather by hand, so there are no two books exactly the same.

Why limit what you can do in your book with lines. If you have trouble writing in straight lines (like me) I suggest using a ruler to draw faint pencil lines, writing in pen and then erasing the pencil lines. Then it looks like you write in beautiful straight lines.

Measures approximately 6" X 4 1/2" X 1"

Signatures are hand sewn, approximately 96 pages,

24lb ivory colored fine parchment paper


Text block spine is separate from outer spine for longer lasting stability,

Beautiful dark green leather.

I sign all my Classic Style books in one of the inside cover corners.

I find every aberration in the leather unique and character building, transforming each book into an individual piece.





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Books for all Time, Built to Last a Lifetime and Beyond

Handmade, Hand Bound Leather Books, Journals, Diaries, or Sketchbooks. 

Handcrafted in Vermont by Lindsey Julow