Handcrafted Leather Books made in Vermont by Lindsey Julow


Woven Wrap Scrap Memory Books

Leather Bound, Handcrafted Leather Journals by Lindsey Julow


I am very excited to offer these Woven Wrap Scrap Memory Books. Babywearing become a big part of my world when I had my most recent child. We don't wear much anymore so these help me remember and lets me get to play with beautiful woven wrap material still.

Bronte Kokadi Wrap Scrap BookKokadi Tosba


You can leave the pages blank and fill them in as you go, or I can print a journal you've written on your computer or phone, include favorite nursery rhymes, a poem, or even pictures.


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Some wrap examples


Firespiral Argent Starmap, Enchanted Birch Trees, Evening Twilight Gossamer

Firespiral Starmap Wrap ScrapFirespiral Enchanted Birch Trees Wrap ScrapFirespiral Gossamer Evening Twilight Wrap Scarp

Bebelulu, Kokadi Sally, Kokadi Tosba

Bebelulu wrap scrapKokadi Sally Wrap ScrapKokadi Tosba

Natibaby Treasure Map, Oscha Starry Night, Ovolo Fletching

Natibaby Treasure Map Wrap ScrapOscha Starry Night Wrap ScrapOvolo Fletching Wrap Scrap

Pellicano Maschera Veneziana Sombre, Pollora Planets, Natibaby Treasure Map Blue

Pellicano Sombre Wrap ScrapPollora Planets Wrap ScrapNatibaby Treasure Map Blue Wrap Scrap

Kokadi Bronte, Natibaby Mulu, Natibaby Monsters Friendly

Kokadi Bronte Wrap ScrapNatibaby Mulu Wrap ScrapNatibaby Monsters Friendly Wrap Scrap

Kokadi dyed, Didymos Indio Sole

KokadiIndio Sole



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Handmade, Custom Hand Bound Leather Books, Journals, Diaries, Wrap Scrap Memory Books or Sketchbooks. 

Handcrafted in Vermont by Lindsey Julow